Don Juan Tequila is a fine sipping baroque tequila made from 100% Blue Agave Tequilana Weber and produced in Amatitan, Jalisco the birthplace of tequila and officially recognized in 1769, by the Real Audiencia (Royal Court) of Guadalajara, as the principal manufacturing center of “vino mezcal” the name used to describe the distilled agave spirit before it was known as tequila.

Piña Selection

Our careful selection of perfectly matured eight year-old Blue Agave gives us simply the best possible ripe piña that will in turn create the richest natural sugars that after the fermentation and distillation process will produce untamed and seductive alcohol that will be finessed and spirited into the elegant creation of Don Juan Tequila Silver, Reposado and Añejo.

Cooking process

Many mass-producing tequila distilleries use modern stainless steel ovens to cook their piñas. Don Juan Tequila piñas are cooked using an earth- stone oven, a traditional method that guarantees a more ardent and direct flavorful tequila.


Once the agave has been carefully cooked it goes through a milling process to extract the agua-miel which is the sap or juice containing all the sugar that after the fermentation process will turn into pure and raw alcohol. To complement the traditional earth-stone cooking method, the fermentation process is also performed using an all natural open air process with a long a slow fermentation period to produce a more natural intense flavor.


The process continues when the spirit is moved from the fermentation vats to the unique stainless steel alambiques (stills) used for the distillation process. Many distilleries will run their spirit through a third distillation process. However, this method many times robs the tequila from its intentional purpose and integrity. Don Juan Tequila is distilled twice like many fine whiskeys or vodkas, giving the connoisseur the baroque experience of the whole process and the enjoyment of a smooth, refined and seductive spirit.


The Art of Seduction begins with Don Juan Tequila Silver which is the purest tequila in its noblest form. Traditionally, blanco or silver tequila has been reserved or used as a shot drink or as part of a mixed cocktail. However, our Master Distiller designed and crafted the Don Juan Tequila Silver to be savored and enjoyed as a fine sipping tequila, as consumed for centuries in its birthplace, Mexico.

For our aged tequilas, Don Juan Tequila Reposado and Don Juan Tequila Añejo, the Art of Seduction continues, as our Master Distiller orchestrates his aging artistry employing used American bourbon oak barrels to give the spirit its carefully crafted baroque characteristics as manifested by the final product’s rich color, aromatic bouquet and multi-layered flavors. Our aged tequilas were also designed and crafted to be enjoyed as a fine sipping tequila, as an aperitif or digestive, neat, chilled, on crushed ice, or whatever your pleasure demands.

Don Juan Tequila is a complete experience, as we will guide you with recommended food pairings, recipes and even music to fully exploit your encounter and pleasure of a bottle of Don Juan Tequila.

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