Don Juan Tequila Reposado

With all the bravado, passion and boldness that come with adolescence, is exactly what you will experience when you sip a glass of Don Juan Tequila Reposado. Made from 100% Blue Agave, its complexity comes from its subtle tones of visceral appeal characteristic of our Silver and the hints of elegance experienced in our Añejo. All this after careful aging for eight months in high quality used American bourbon oak barrels. The fusion of the untamed Silver spirit with the bourbon soaked walls of the high-quality American oak barrel for eight months is what gives our Reposado its unique medium amber color and charming, seductive flavorful character. Excellent as a fine sipping aperitif, vibrant on crushed ice, or simply the best companion for your favorite cocktail.

Don Juan Tequila Silver   Don Juan Tequila Añejo
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